Pamporovo is situated in the central and highest part of Rhodope Mountains, at the Northeast foot of Snezhanka Peak /1,926 m a.s.l./. It is at 10 km from the towns of Chepelare and Smolyan, and 230 km from Sofia. Plovdiv Airport is only 80 km away, and Kavala Airport in Greece - 160 km.

You will find here the well-renowned winter tourism destination - Pamporovo–Mechi Chal winter sports complex, united since 2016:

  • 50 km long Alpine ski slopes, maintained by an artificial snowmaking system;
  • 25 km long trails for cross-country skiing;
  • Fun Park – a freestyle skiing trail
  • 8 chairlifts and 8 drag lifts
  • The longest ski trail for Alpine skiing on the Balkan Peninsula – a 6 km long trail in the Mechi Chal ski area.
  • Kids area with a lift
  • The ski areas at the resort are uniquely combined and provide exceptional conditions for practicing winter sports.
  • A weekly winter and summer program is guaranteed; Ski and snowboarding schools.
  • Ski and snowboarding schools.

Pamporovo has an almost 90-year long history; everyting started in 1933, when the Chepelare-born N. Chichovski built the first boarding house here. Today, the resort’s new hotel facilities, built during the real estate rush in the beginning of XXI century, extend to Stoykite village and Smolyan up to Raykovski livadi area.

Today, visitors enjoy the things that initialy attracted the first tourists in this part of the mountain, i.e. evergreen coniferous forests mixed here and there with beech trees, colorful glades, plenty of sun, healing climate, fresh and cool air in summer…, but also indulge in a snow vacation combined with all the modern technical facilities for skiers.

Moreover, Pamporovo is a resort with is zero avalanche danger and rare sudden weather changes which guarantees visitors' safety and tranquility during their holiday. Skiers can chose between trails of different degree of difficulty among the 50 km long ski trails for Alpine discipline with 8 lifts. All trails in Pamporovo start at Snezhanka Peak (1.926 m a.s.l.) and are equipped with artificial snowmaking systems to ensure perfect conditions even in the times of global warming. Despite the whims of the climate, the season here starts in December and lasts well until early April.

 ‘Pamporovo’ AD is a joint stock company which is owner of hotels, ski schools, ski lockers, etc. and maintains all services, ski runs and facilities in the area in perfect condition during the winter.

The rest of the year, the resort offers hundreds of opportunities for accommodation and eating out, as well as activities like hiking and cycling tourism. There are many marked routes and trails of different gradient, length and intensity, as well as panoramic views, lush meadows and picnic areas.

Snejanka Peak is listed in the '100 national tourist sites’ list of the Bulgarian Tourist Union; it is an emblematic place with the TV tower from where a breathtaking panoramic view in all four directions is revealed. In good weather, the highest peaks of the Bulgarian mountains Pirin, Rila and Stara Planina, as well as some peaks in Greece, among which raises high the peak of Falakro, can be seen.

Pamporovo is the meeting point of two well-marked hiking trails: the E8 Trans-European long-distance route running from west to east and the north-south trans-Rodhope eco-route. The first one starts at the shores of North Sea, crosses the Carpathian Mountains and the Danube River, than up high Musala, the highiest peak of the Balkan Peninsula, crosses the Rhodopes and reaches the shores of the Bosphorus. The second one originates from Plovdiv along the Chernatitsa ridge through Mechi Chal Peak - Snezhanka Peak - Smolyan - Arda River, goes along the Bulgarian-Greek border and finishes at Elidzhe Pass above the town of Rudozem.

You can find information on services, events, attractions, routes in the area, etc. at the Tourist Information Center run by ‘Pamporovo’ AD: Phone +359 884 595 593.


The 156 m high Radio and Television Tower, where you will enjoy the stunning scenery from the fully glazed café and confetionary shop at 100 m height. The ‘Uspenie na Presveta Bogoroditsa’ Church (the Dormition of the Mother of God), consecrated in October 10, 1999. Orpheus Rocks – a rocky formation of easy access, which reveals a unique panoramic view of the valley of Smolyan and Arda riverbank at the Bulgarian - Greek border.

Murgavets Peak - the second highest rocky peak in the resort, easily accessible from the Dam area - offers a panoramic view to the East. Sokolitsa Peak, located at the peryphery of the resort, above the Raykovski Livadi area, provides unique panoramic view in all directions.

Pamporovo Bicycle Park, created in 2012, offers facilities and trails for mountain biking.

44B "Belomorska" street,
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