Chepelare. In the municipality of Chepelare, the "Old Watermill" tourist trail is being restored. At the centuries-old mill with its authentic interior and architecture, several emblematic Bulgarian films of historical value were filmed: "Time Separated", "Captain Petko Voivoda" and "Notes on the Bulgarian Uprisings".

The attractive "Old Watermill" tourist trail starts at the last building of the ski factory in the town of Chepelare and is now accessible to the old watermill. The route is 3 km. , and the duration of the transition is 1 hour. Half of the path is already ready, 3 bridges have been built, two of them lead to the mill, and the third one is in front of it.

It is about to be extended to a Roman bridge, located before the village of Bogutevo, which will extend it by another 600 m. 300w,

The "water way" is a section of the trail that follows the path of the water or the so-called ark (a dialect word of Turkish origin) - a channel that brings water from the river. Along the stone duvar (wall, fence), which was arranged with great diligence and craftsmanship, the water reached all the way to the mill, where it drove a large mill wheel.

From the municipality of Chepelare, they express their thanks to Marcho Paunov, Tourist Information Center, town of Chepelare, to the students of   "N.Y. Vaptsarov" High School - Chepelare and all the volunteers for improving the trail. 225w, 

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