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Манастир Бачково

Waterfalls Canyon Ecotrail

In the area of Soskovcheto Reserve, the Waterfalls Canyon ecotrail will bring you to the reserve and buffer zone, unique in their biodiversity. The trail is approximately 6 km long, with a height difference of about 700 m, the highest point being 1800 m a.s.l. The trail crosses the river several times, but it is secured by wooden bridges, railings and stairs. The route goes along perfectly arranged, as if made by humans, stone blocks. The most impressive landmark, however, are the many waterfalls, 46 in total. The highest one, Orpheus’s waterfall, nearly 70 meters high, is situated at the top of the path.

The Bride’s Ecopath

The eco-trail winds close to the panoramic road connecting Smolyan and Pamporovo. It starts from the arch at the entrance to the Monastery of Saint Panteleimon; it is about 750 m long, winds through the forest and finishes with one of Smolyan’s emblematic places - the Bride’s Rock (where the name comes from). It is well executed and secured with wooden railing. There are signposts with information on the wild forest and plant species you could meet in the area. It runs through picturesque corners -  cliffs covered with crane’s-bills, moss and ferns. You can challenge yourself on the artificial climbing wall built at the beginning of the path. At the end of the trail you will find one of the longest ‘Alpine’ ziplines in Bulgaria with a length of over 100 meters and a displacement of 35 meters.

The area next to Bride's ecotrail is a peculiar kingdom for thrill-seekers. Less than a kilometer away, you can practice rock and sports climbing, rappelling, climbing a via ferrata and descending an Alpine zipline. There is also a 10 m high sports climbing wall and numerous routes with most diverse configuration, suitable both for amateurs and professionals. The opportunities for rock climbing are quite enough too - rock climbing tours with varying degrees of difficulty are available. For those who want to feel the thrill of climbing and hanging, but do not have the skills, there is a 20 m high via ferrata – an iron climbing path, which steps and safety steel rope are built in the rock. Many of the cliffs along the trail are suitable for rappelling although the cherry on the cake is undoubtedly the Alpine zipline, quite possibly the most extreme one you can find in Bulgaria. The bravest ones will enjoy a fly between the two vertical cliffs of more than 100 m at quite a notable height. Beneath their feet they will see the shining Smolyan Lakes and feel the blow of the wind of the Rhodope Mountain in their faces.

‘Kechikaya – Koznik’ Ecotrail

The eco-trail is located in the area of the town of Rudozem. It ascends to Koznik Fortress, goes round the Two Brothers Rocks and ends up at the very edge of the rock, where one can enjoy the view of Rudozem and the whole area. The whole place and, in particular, the fortress, are veiled in legends and mysteries. The locals say that here lived Erim Papa, who possessed riches untold. There are many mysteries surounding the mythical figure of Erim Papa. Some people believe that name comes from the cult of the ancients to the Thracian ruler (according to Herodotus, noble Thracians derived from God Ermi). Obviously, we are talking about God Hermes here as Hermes is the Greek transcription of Ermi (Ἑρμῆς in Greek). Here is what Herodotus has to say about the Thracian God Ermi - "Apart from the crowd, kings worship Hermes more than any other god, they swear only by him and derive from him." The name of Ermi is still alive among the residents of the Rhodope Mountains in the form of Erim Papa and Erim Baba.

Stuilitsa - Kaleto – Lakata Ecotrail

Built in the protected area of the valley of Devinska River; it is 8 km long. Tourists can enjoy the unique environment created by several waterfalls, a system of bridges and rope trails over rapids and swirls, and climb the medieval Kaleto fortress. There is also a separate fishing area with a length of 3 km, which provides excellent conditions for fishing of Balkan trout. There are also suitable areas for picnics and barbecue along the path.

Devil's Ecotrail in Borino

Walking accross the attractive ecosystem of Buinovska River, you will enjoy the view of rock formations, waterfalls, water cascades, etc. It covers an area of about 20 km. and has two starting points: the north entrance which is about 1 km away from Borino village, and the south one – where Buinovska and Chatak Dere River meet. Quite possibly, the most enjoyable part of your trip would be the walk beneath the amazing Devil's bridge.

Vishnevo, Galabovo and Devil's Bridge Ecotrail

Another must do of the area, located in the Municipality of Ardino, Kardzhali region. It is 15 km away northwest from the town of Ardino, and 4 km east of the village of Galabovo, Smolyan region. On both sides of the Devil's Bridge, there are steep slopes, reaching 800 m above sea level. To reach this landmark from the center of the village of Banite, you have to take the tourist route of Vishnevo-Galabovo (the Devil's Bridge), which is the last add to the joint project of the municipalities of Ardino and Kardzhali: Ardino (Belite Brezi) - Kardzhali (the Dam) - the Rock Sanctuary - Perperikon fortress. The route to the Devil's Bridge starts from the center of the village of Vishnevo, crosses a forest, the southeastern part of the village of Galabovo, than another forest and the amazing grace of the Devil's Bridge is reached.

Delyu Haydutin Ecotrail

The altitude varies from 250 to 700 meters. The ecotrail, as the legend goes, follows the route of the Bulgarian rebel on his way to Kostadin Peak, where he withdrew from the chase of the Turkish army. The route starts from Zlatograd, the ‘Military Garden’ area. You will see a variety of varied landscape, century-old trees and over 200 plant species in a very small area. Along the route there are benches, tables and waste bins.

St. Nedelya Ecotrail

The length of the ecotrail is 12 km and it could take you about 3 hours. The height difference is 400 meters. It starts from Tepavitsata (the Water-mill) in Zlatograd - the most interesting site of the ethnographic center. The route goes along a fountain with a place for rest, Villa Boshnakov, the Bunker, Tamnata Gora (the Dark Forest), another fountain where you can improvise a picnic, a place with panoramic views and a lookout; from where you can turn to the village of Startsevo and the Beloto Kamene (White Stones) area, which is the biggest sanctuary of the God of the Sun in Bulgaria). The end point is St. Nedelya peak, 865 meters high. From there, if you are lucky enough with the weather, you can see the highest peak on the island of Samothrace (Greece).

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